Are any family physicians at Horizon Family Medicine accepting new patients?

At present, there may be physicians that are accepting new patients for a limited time. Please contact the clinic for more information.

What is a third party medical exam?

A third party medical exam is a complete medical exam (“physical”) where a family physician evaluates your health. Third party medical exams are not covered under public healthcare as they are optional services. To book a third party medical exam, please contact Horizon Family Medicine to book an appointment.

What can I do if my doctor is fully booked or out of the office?

In the event that your physician is fully booked or away from the office, you will be given the option to see another available Horizon Family Medicine physician and/or be given the date of the next available appointment with your family physician.The option of seeing a doctor through our medical clinic will also be available. Patients are given the choice to determine which alternative best suits their health needs and appointment timelines.

Why do I have to book an appointment for a prescription renewal?

It is a patient's responsibility to ensure that sufficient prescribed medication is available until the next physician appointment. Proper medical protocol requires regular medication monitoring and therefore patients must have an office visit with a physician. Patients requiring prescription renewals will be accommodated by clinic booking staff as soon as possible or through an in-person visit.

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